My Current Workout Playlist!

Are you ever in the gym and you decide to keep your headphones off because the gym music is so GOOD? No? Me neither. This explains why I’ve spent a lot more money on music from iTunes since starting back in the gym. When I’m working out, I need something to paint a picture of motivation or progress. Here’s a list of my favourite songs that get me hyped for my gym sessions. I also put in links for some from YouTube in case you want to preview it before you buy it and you can get clean versions on iTunes as well!

1. Fetty Wap- Trap Queen

 2. Drake- Legend

3. Rihanna- B**ch Better Have My Money

4. David Guetta- Sweat

5. Beyoncé- 7/11

6. Jay-Z- Tom Ford

7. Jay-Z- N***as in Paris

8. Nicki Minaj- Only

9. Will.I.Am- Scream and Shout (Hit Boy Remix)

10. Tove Lo- Habits (hippie sabotage remix)

11. Nicki Minaj- Big Daddy

12. Beyoncé- Partition

Hint: If you work out until the end of this playlist, you would have sweat for over 45 minutes!

I hope this was a help to someone. Have a great workout and have a beautiful day.


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