5 Easy Ways to Stay Healthy!

Come check out my post for my simple tips on getting healthy!

Now let’s all be honest here, staying healthy no matter what time of the year is pretty hard. Add the stress to get your “summer body” or to keep up with people who look like twigs and I’m surprised the whole world isn’t on a paleo-vegetarian-low-carb-no-fat diet.

Since I don’t really diet, I just attempt to eat healthy most of the time, having well-balanced meals and denying cravings at night can be kind of difficult. Lord knows I’ve had way more than the serving size of Oreos when no-one else is awake. But here are a few ways I’ve figured can keep me progressing with eating healthy.

1, Walk, don’t bus!

Now, obviously if your destination is a 2 hour walk, then this tip is moot. But if you have to head down the street and you’re not in a hurry, or you need to walk to catch your bus, or even to clear your head, walking is great exercise for you. It’s an excellent source of cardio (for people like me who hate doing cardio) and you get to enjoy the weather outside. Feel the wind. Hear the birds chirp. Get a sunburn. It’s great in the summer time!

2. Track your meals

I use MyFitnessPal to track my meals on a regular basis (if I don’t forget it). Physically seeing how many fats and proteins you’re putting into your body, kind of makes you feel horrible once you see how bad you really eat. It also shows you where you’re lacking and where you’re having too much; whether it’s too much salt in your snacks or not enough veggies throughout the day. For example, when I started using the app, I realized that I don’t drink enough water, I eat way too many snacks, and I have too much fats throughout the day. Simply seeing what you’re putting into your body causes you to want to change that for healthier options.

3. Only buy healthy snacks

The potato chips, the Oreos (yes I’m talking about them again), the gummy bears, the Starbursts, just walk past them all. Trust me. Opt for fruits and veggies and smoothies and nuts. If snacking is your weakness, then only buy the healthy ones. Some of them are super yummy too! I’ll have a blog post soon on my favorite healthy snacks!

4. Plan a few meals ahead

Now I’m not saying go full on Massy Arias meal planning on yourself overnight. But looking up a few meals ahead of time and prepping them makes choosing healthier foods easy. I use a little card in my planner to keep simple recipes on hand like quick breakfast ideas or simple desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth. Then buy the ingredients for those meals and ba-bam! Meal planning simplified. Follow my Pinterest board for some yummy meal ideas if you’re stuck!

5. Don’t deny yourself

You’re probably thinking “I can’t eat my Oreos anymore? This girl is crazy.” But hear me out! I would never tell you not to eat Oreos (that’s crazy talk) but what I will tell you, is to regulate how many you have at once. If you usually have 7-8 (or the whole bag) in one sitting, start eating 4-5 at once. Until you get to the suggested amount which is 2. But that doesn’t only go for snacks. If you feel like having a burger one day, have your burger! Just don’t get the one with bacon, every sauce on the menu and four different types of cheese. Keep it simple. And then wash it down with the biggest glass of water ever. Ha.

Those are my tips on how to stay healthy. At the very least, they help you make healthier meal choices and get a little workout in throughout your day. Let me know in the comments if you have any tips too! I would love to read them! Have a beautiful day.



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