Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Come and see some gift ideas for dad this Father's Day!
See some original (and not so original) ideas for dad this year

With Father’s Day fast approaching, it made me realize how little thought I usually put into my dad’s presents every year. A book, a tie, a watch, simple things. Not usually stuff that I think about for a while. But after I did my Mother’s Day post, I realized dads are just as important and need to feel as such.

Now thankfully, my dad is incredibly simple to shop for. Old Navy is his spot and I’m the one who recently introduced him to places like Express Men and Roots. So here’s a list to nudge you in the right direction in case you’re stuck on ideas…or you just don’t want to give him the standard gift card as I sometimes do.

If your dad is…

1. Religious

2. The Strong, Silent type

This guy needs a heartfelt present that’s going to crack his tough exterior to basically make him cry.

3. A Workout Junkie

4. The Adventurous Type

  • take him to a shooting range
  • get him some flying lessons
  • go on a hike together (with food at the end obviously)

5. A New Dad

Also check out my Pinterest Board for more Father’s Day Gift Ideas.

And here you have it! The best list I could come up with for presents for Father’s Day. If you found it helpful, don’t forget to comment and follow! Have a beautiful day.

xo, Anna


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