2015 Sunglasses Collection

My 2015 Sunglasses Collection
Come check out my sunglasses collection with me!

I was never usually the girl who would be seen in sunglasses. Ever. But this year, after purging about 7 pairs from the stack I had collecting dust, I’m actually quite proud of the tiny collection I have. They range from classic to funky to girly to straight up strange. But each one works with a different outfit and I’ve definitely been getting more use out of them since displaying them. Keep in mind some of these are from 2 or 3 years ago and some are from just a couple weeks ago so you might not be able to find them all anymore. Nevertheless, enjoy!

1. Black cat-eyes with a baroque design

Simple black, cat-eye, sunnies
These are definitely my favorite! I love the design on the frame!

2. Black Wayfarer look-a-likes

Black, wayfarer look-a-likes
FYI: George Brown is the college I used to attend.

3. Clear, wayfarer shaped “nerd glasses”

Gradient, but not really sunglasses
I wear these the least simply because…they’re clear. You can’t stare at people with clear sunglasses.

4. Chevron printed handles and black cat-eye frames

Graphic design on the handles and black cat-eye frames
These I wear with a super simple outfit.

5. Color-block wayfarer shaped frames

Color block, wayfarer frames
Yes, these are very out there. I bought these when I was 19, but they’re great for summer.

6. Neutral

Brown frames and dark-brown lenses
These were my first pair of brown sunglasses and they make me feel bug-eyed. lol

7. Chrome and black wayfarer shaped

Chrome/Silver frames with black lenses
I need to be driving with the top down, playing some rap music when I wear these. haha.

8. Tortoise shell, gold and oversized

Tortoise shell on the top, gold handles and brown lenses
These I just feel like a diva in.

9. Blue-green reflective aviators

Blue and green lenses with a gold frame
I always hear Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé in the background when I wear these.

10. Rectangular, tortoise and gold

Rectangular and tortoise shell frames with gold handles
How chic are these?! Perfect for laying on the beaches we don’t have in Canada.

11. Brown and gold aviators

Brown leses, gold frames
My most worn pair and the most simple pair I own. So versatile.

12. Floral print wayfarer shaped

Floral wayfarer shaped frames with black lenses
I’ve had these for about 3 years now and they honestly make me feel so cute when I wear them.

And those are them! A dozen sunglasses for a dozen personalities. I’m planning on getting maybe one more pair and then I’ll be completely satisfied with my collection. If you have any of these or liked any of them let me know in the comments. Have a beautiful day!



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