Vaseline in 5 ways!

Vaseline is one of those products that is super versatile. When you google “uses for Vaseline”, usually a list of around 5 million things pop up with everything from using it on cuts to using it on baby bottoms for diaper rash. Now I personally haven’t used it for that many things, but I thought it would be fun to share the things I do use it for!

1. Eye Makeup Remover

Now the only reason I’m aware of this use is because I started going broke buying eye makeup remover every month. (I used to experiment with a lot of dark eyeshadows). When I stopped using the makeup remover, I used only soap and water and scrubbed my eye balls. But now, I just slather some of the Vaseline on my lids and eye brows, rub it in a little bit and then use a dry cotton pad to wipe it away. The great part is that Vaseline supposedly conditions your lashes, so it works double duty!

2. Lip Moisturizer

Now this one I’m sure most people know about. Even my boss has begged me to bring her Vaseline because her lips were so dry they were cracking off (her words, not mine). When you apply Vaseline to your lips, make sure you don’t apply too much or else you’ll look like your dipped your lips in fried chicken, but it lasts about 2 hours. Lasting time depends on the weather outside, if you lick your lips a lot, if you talk a lot, if you eat it like I do, etc. But its feels silky smooth, even when it wears off a bit.

3. Heel Saviour

I’ve had really dry heels (the bottom of my feet, not the shoe type) since a very unfortunate pedicure incident a couple years ago. I don’t want to talk about it, but let’s say I’ve never gotten one since then. After medication for my foot, they get super dry and crusty. So I started putting Vaseline on my heels and slipping some socks on at night (shea butter works better for this) and when I wake up girrrrrrlllllll let me tell you. Smoother than a baby’s bottom.

4. Shoe Shiner

Now I don’t know if this one is completely normal, or good for the leather on your shoes, but I really wanted to try Vaseline in a way I hadn’t heard of yet. So I wandered downstairs, spotted my boots and thought “hey, those are gross, let’s try to clean them.” I grabbed a dry paper towel and dabbed it in the Vaseline and started wiping. Worked like a dream. But to keep it sanitary, after the first dab in to your Vaseline with the clean paper towel you can use your fingers to put it on your shoes if you need extra. If that’s a little too shiny, then grab another paper towel and wipe it again. I only used two paper towels total.

5. Shaving

Last but not least, is shaving. Yes, with an actual razor. Now this idea came to me while I was on the way to work one night and I started googling it to see if it was safe to be slather all over your body. It is, obviously, and I saw that a couple people had tried it as well, so I went ahead and tried it one night. Now this one gets a little messy with all the goop buildup in the razor blade, so keep a bowl of warm water handy when you’re doing this to wash it off periodically. You just spread a layer of Vaseline on the area you want shaved (I’ve only tried my legs) and then get to work. Ensure the layer isn’t too thick as you don’t want to have to press too hard on your legs while doing this and cut yourself. You will be so shiny and smooth. Thank me later. Lol.

There’s my 5 ways I use Vaseline! If you have any more ideas or try any of these out, comment and let me know or tweet me @AnnaRacquel1.  Have a beautiful day!





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