What’s in my everyday bag?

Check out what's in Anna's bag!
Everything I take in my everyday tote bag when I’m heading to work or running errands

I am certified hoarder when it comes to my bag. The bigger the bag, the more junk I will shove into it and continue to weigh my back down. I have everything from nail clippers and nail polish remover to extra underwear for nights I get snowed out of my house (which I didn’t take a photo of…that would be weird). So, enjoy my photos and save the judgement. lol. I already knows it’s crazy to keep 40 lip products.

Also not pictured is my lunch, whenever I decide to pack one! My bag is from Aldo and was on sale for $23

What's in my bag?
To go along with my little bag, extra products I may need to look semi-attractive after work
What's in my bag
mild entertainment while travelling
What's in my bag?
The basics that would go anywhere with me, regardless of the bag I take with me!
Random Knick knacks in my bag
Random Knick knacks in my bag
What's in my bag?
My “just in case I end up going somewhere” bag. And earbuds.
What's in my bag
a mini emergency kit for those moments that will probably never happen, but i’m too paranoid



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