To club or not to club, that is the question

As a Christian young lady, it's very difficult to find the middle ground when trying to have fun
As a Christian young lady, it’s very difficult to find the middle ground when trying to have fun

To most 22 year old, single ladies, this would be a pretty strange question to have to think twice about. You get a chance to dress all cute, do your hair and makeup, wear a killer pair of heels and flirt shamelessly with a bunch of guys who you know you’re not going to call in the morning. And I was super excited to do the same this past weekend. Until Thursday rolled around. I was thinking about it while hand-washing my shirt for work later that night (real old school, I know) and to pull this off I would have to do a lot. I would have to lie to my parents about where I am that night, wear cute shoes that would be uncomfortable in about 3 hours, possibly smell like sweat and alcohol which is embarrassing, get grinded on by gross man-children, keep pulling my dress down all night since my butt fits into nothing, etc, etc. You get the point.

And as much as I love my girls (they have my back no matter what), I just don’t think that’s a place where a Christian young lady needs to be to have fun. Think about it; you might be there to let loose and dance a little (which all my friends know I dance to everything), but the other people in that club might not have the same agenda as you. Their intentions don’t match yours. So I made the lonely decision to stay home and pump out some blog posts this weekend and spend some extra time reading my Bible. And you know what? Even though my girls had great stories (and a lot less money in their pockets), at least I woke up without heartburn, a migraine and a strange man’s number written across my forearm.


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