6 Foolproof Last Minute Mother’s Day Presents

6 Mother's Day presents on a budget
For those who waited until the last minute get a Mother’s Day present.

I am the queen of procrastination. Seriously, Mother’s Day is in two days and I have yet to decide on a present. But here’s a list for my fellow queen bees on some simple things for mama to show you care. Just don’t leave the receipt with it or else she’ll see the date you bought it and we don’t need any more arguments than usual.

1. Monogrammed Mug

These were all over YouTube for a while, the ones from anthropologie (which are only $8), but they also sell similar and super cute ones in indigo! This is for the mom who loves coffee, or tea, or just cute things period.

2. Silk Robe

I’ve seen my mom walking around in her terry cloth robe that I bought her a couple years ago and sweating bullets while getting dressed. So I thought that a light weight one for the warmer months would be a great addition for her! They have them in Victoria’s Secret, La Senza stores, and you could even find some in Forever 21 if you catch them at a time when everything isn’t picked over.

3. Massage Package

These are usually available at your local nail shops and hair shops and sometimes you may be able to find coupons fr them online. For my mom, for her and my dad’s anniversary, I just gave her the money with VERY SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS that it was for a couples massage because I couldn’t get to the location before their anniversary. She still appreciated it though!

4. Michael Buble’ CD

Not necessarily this artist, but you kind of get the point. Any time my mom hears this man’s voice on the radio or she sees him on tv, I’m pretty sure she swoons a little bit. And it doesn’t hurt that I thoroughly enjoy his voice too, so when she starts blasting his music around the house, at least I’ll sing along!

5. DIY Pamper Kit

I did a version of this for a friend once, but I think if you decorate it really pretty and put it in cute packaging, like a mason jar or a cute basket, it could be really special for Mother’s Day. I would add in it: a nail polish in her favourite colour, a candle, a roller ball perfume, a bath oil, body butter as well as a mask/face treatment. Most, if not all, of these things you could get at Walmart. You could even go to Sephora, Bath and Body Works or the Body Shop if your budget can allow it.

6. E-reader

This particular present was a serious hit for my mom on her birthday last year. I bought her the newest kobo that was out, which cost about $165.00CAD and she was more than pleased. Her birthday was in July and to this day she still tells me thanks for it. If your mom is a book worm like mine (now I know where me and my sister got it from), this present will be a perfect little surprise for her on Mother’s Day. If you’re feeling spendy you can purchase the full sized, newest water proof one. But if that’s a little bit out of your budget, buy her the mini one.

There you have it! 6 quick presents to get for your mom that can show you’re paying attention to her and are kind of easy on the pocket as well. If these seem to elaborate for your mom, then just make her breakfast in bed, make her dinner for the day, buy her some beautiful roses (if she’s a flower person) and just tell her you love her. She’ll appreciate anything.




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