Now, how much do I have to Pay to Look Good?

A Blog Post about a basic fitness at home starter kit

Every time I start something new, the first question usually ask myself is “what do I need to buy to do this thing?”. In the case f fitness at home, as daunting as it might seem, you really don’t need to buy THAT much. I justified not buying clothes by telling myself that nobody’s seeing me so I really didn’t need to look that cute.

But in reality, the way you feel in those clothes before you start soaking them with sweat (hopefully) matters a little bit. Think about it this way, would you want to do anything if the clothes you’re in don’t inspire you to MOVE? (Anna Logic)

Now if you’re the lady who is most comfortable in sweats and an oversized t-shirt, fitness at home might not be intimidating because you already have a closet full of clothes like that. However, if you’re a lady who enjoys dressing up or taking a little extra time to think about an outfit, here’s a quick list of things you’ll need before you start (BONUS: I love a good deal, so there’s only one thing that’s expensive on this list)

1. Workout Bra


My first workout bra is from Lulu Lemon and I checked the website, it doesn’t even exist there anymore. It cost me a little over $60.00CAD, but since I’ve been working out at home I’ve found really awesome ones from Forever 21 that still minimize the jiggle when I’m doing burpees or taking a jog outside. I’ve made it easy for you, I even have the link to Forever 21’s active line right here

2. Activewear Leggings


I’d try to avoid wearing regular cotton legging unless that’s all you have to start working out with. Activewear leggings help keep you cool while you semi-collapse from heat. Mine are from Old Navy and I’ve never spent more than $25.00CAD on a pair. They also help soak up the sweat (so you don’t smell funky “down there”) and they don’t look half bad in case you slip on the road while jogging and a kind, handsome stranger has to help you home 😉

3. Shoes!


This should’ve been first, but unfortunately, I have no tips on this except to make sure you buy your right size, and you have enough support for whatever type of workout you will primarily be doing, whether it’s running, or weight training, or body weight exercises. This is the expensive item I was talking about earlier. I bought my shoes from Winners, which is like the TJ Maxx of Canada, for about $100.00CAD a very long time ago, so just ask the store clerk (they get pad to know this stuff) or have an intense googling session before you go to buy.

4. Tops


I left this one for last because for me, they really don’t matter much. I wear fun coloured tank tops or again, something from Forever 21’s active line and just load up on the deodorant in case I need to run outside for a bit right after.

So you see, you don’t have to spend Victoria’s Secret money to look like a Victoria’s Secret model underneath.


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