“I need a goal because…?”

you snooze you lose

I’m the type of person who doesn’t like to ask questions before I start something new. I just dive head first into everything and learn/ask questions along the way. When I started doing my fitness at home routine, all I did was buy the clothes, download an app, and scroll through Pinterest for some inspiration.

But what I should’ve started with was “What am I trying to achieve by doing this? What the heck am I even working towards?” To be honest, I didn’t even really fine-tune my fitness goals until I started writing this blog post and reading what I wanted to explain to other ladies.

Fitness at home, in my opinion, is even more difficult to maintain that having a gym membership. At least there, they take your money regardless of you being an active member. It gives you a reason not to waste your money. At home, there’s nobody but you (or if you’re super lucky, an amazing workout buddy) to tell you to get off your butt and do something your body and mind deserves.

So to make it a little simpler for some ladies who may be struggling to make fitness goals, I came up with a list to push you in the right direction. Having a Jen Selter booty is not a #fitnessgoal.

  • Make sure your goals are achievable and based on where you’re at with fitness currently.
  • Make it measurable. Put a number to a name and make your goals as specific as possible. This way there’s less wiggle room and confusion at the end of your journey when you’re evaluating yourself.
  • Write it down! Maybe not frame it and hang it on your wall (unless that will help you. It’s what I was going to suggest). But writing it down clearly makes it feel like more of a contract you’re signing with yourself. Make it official.
  • Keep yourself accountable. Now this one’s obtainable in many different ways whether it’s to reward yourself at the end of each workout or weekly. Mine is sort of like a swear jar.

One of my 2015 fitness goals is to do at least a 15 minute “sweat” 4 days a week. If by the end of the week, I’ve completed all 4 workouts , $5 goes into my “You Snooze, You Lose” jar. The jar started out with $20 so I’d actually have something to lose from the beginning (just I case I didn’t work out from the beginning). If by the end of the week I haven’t met that goal, then $5 comes out. The point is to be able to reward myself with whatever money is left in the jar by the end of the month with a little treat. Painful, but worth it at the end of the month for that $20 Starbucks money.


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